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KidsPeace was born in the Lehigh Valley more than 127 years ago as the Children’s Home of South Bethlehem as a charity that served as home to children whose parents had succumbed to a Smallpox epidemic. In 1943 the name became Wiley House. Over the years, the non-profit organization introduced new services such as foster care, day treatment, specialized schools and expanded to other states. With residential centers in Maine, Minnesota and Georgia and foster care offices across the country, KidsPeace has remained firmly rooted in the Lehigh Valley. In 1992, leadership decided to change the name to KidsPeace, a brand name that could be easily recognized around the country. We remain a private charitable organization that was never purchased by a large, impersonal corporation.  We were as important a part of the community in 1882 as we are today.


Good Neighbors

The sense of community is very strong within KidsPeace. Our associates live in the Lehigh Valley, and the majority of the children we treat in PA our from local areas. We volunteer to participate in walks for such causes as autism, ALS, autism and suicide awareness, raising money for local charities through our efforts. Our counselors instill a sense of giving back to the community in all of our programs, taking them to help out with local food banks, book sales, church programs, fundraisers for individuals in need, cleaning up public areas and carrying parcels or discarded computers or other large pieces during town cleanup days. The children make gifts and cards for military members stationed abroad, visit with the elderly to brighten their days and entertain community members with choirs, dance teams and theatrical performances.


The KidsPeace leadership participates in the community to assist legislators draft bills and discuss issues that are important to all children in Pennsylvania. Our associates speak at meetings and events of importance to educators, parents and children, and our emergency response team volunteers to counsel school children who have suffered a trauma such as an accident that has killed a fellow student or an act of violence that raises fear in children in teens.


Our annual soccer tournament brings more than 4,000 players, families and spectators to the Lehigh Valley for a weekend in August, offering great competitive sport. The event also contributes to the economy of the area while raising funds for the KidsPeace children. Many of our events are open to the public including our KidsPeace Auxiliary Fashion Show, golf tournament, sporting clays day, autumn ball and trainings. We publish a free award-winning publication called Healing Magazine, which is released to readers twice year. Our free website, www.TeenCentral.Net is a wonderful anonymous source of advice from Master’s level counselors to teens who have nowhere to turn and appreciate a safe place to “log on and work it out.” TeenCentral.Net also provides visitors with news, celebrity stories, obesity advice and recommended books.


What we Do

KidsPeace is headquartered in Schnecksville, PA, and our largest campus is located across Route 309 on 255 acres of peaceful, wooded land that provides the children in our care with space to play, explore and enjoy a beautiful natural setting. This beautiful spot has become a vital location in the Lehigh Valley where neighbors and friends visit to use the Olympic sized swimming pool, compete in our annual soccer tournaments and attend fundraisers and celebrations of our efforts to provide top services to our children.


The children we serve at KidsPeace in the Lehigh Valley on both our Orchard Hills Campus and Broadway Campus in Bethlehem are your neighbors, your children’s classmates, members of your church and friends who have hit a rough patch and need some time in one of our many programs to help them get back on track and deal with their issues with the assistance of highly trained professionals. Our Orchard Hills Campus is unique in the fact that we operate a 72 bed children’s psychiatric hospital on the grounds that can accommodate the most acute mental health, behavior or emotional issues and then place the child in a residential program to finish the healing process. We also offer an array of community-based services around the Lehigh Valley that work with children and their families to avoid residential services or as step down from residential.


In Berks County, PA, KidsPeace also has a campus that provides regular and special education as sell as three levels of partial hospitalization that provide treatment as well as classroom work that allows the children to keep up with their local school work. The Berks Campus boasts an organic garden and a vermicomposting project that recycles paper and food waste and composts it into rich soil for the vegetable and flower gardens, which prove very therapeutic for the children who work the beds.


KidsPeace has some 50 foster care and community programs (FCCP) around the country. Our associates carefully match children and foster families to ensure a good fit and reduce the number of placements in additional foster homes for the children whose original placements do not work out. Our Pennsylvania offices also work with the State adoption agency SWAN, as well as other agencies that arrange for international adoptions. Visit for more information on our foster care and adoption services.


Education is a large part of our work in the Lehigh Valley, and we have regular and special education classrooms on the Orchard Hills and Bethlehem campuses for residential students and children who attend partial hospitalization programs or who require specialized classrooms with low student to teacher ratios.


KidsPeace is also a large employer in the Lehigh Valley, and our associates live and shop and enjoy themselves here. The organization supports the local economy by purchasing local goods and utilizing local businesses to supply our campuses. We purchase many of our consumables right here in the Lehigh Valley as well.


The next time you pass a sign for KidsPeace or see one of vans transporting children around the Lehigh Valley, think of us as a good neighbor and understand that our commitment and ties to the children and families of the Lehigh Valley are strong and deeply rooted.


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