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KidsPeace Foster Care in Raleigh, NC, Partner with CAPTRUST to Make Children's Wishes Come True

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CAPTRUST Financial Advisors, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, has a community
foundation committee that selects worthy organizations to support.  After a
presentation in December by Family Resource Specialist Carla Daniels of the
Raleigh KidsPeace Foster Care office, the committee decided to help brighten the
lives of the Raleigh KidsPeace foster children who have been through so much. The children prepare
wish lists of gifts they would really like for their birthdays, and the CAPTRUST staff
take the lists and shop for birthday presents for each child. They deliver the gifts
to the Raleigh KidsPeace office, where staff wrap and deliver the generous presents
to each child. The children write thank you notes, which the CAPTRUST staff happily
display on the “Wall of Fame” in their office. The CAPTRUST folks take great pride in the
appreciation expressed by our children, and the children are delighted to have their wishes come true. KidsPeace appreciates the generosity of this firm and the involvement of CAPTRUST employees who want to make a difference in the lives of many children.

Hello, My Name is Neal Frazier. I currently work in IIH Services through Hope Services in Wake County, NC. I was provided information pertaining to your therapeutic foster care services and wanted to see if I could start the process for a client I serve in the effort to find him TFC placement in or near Wake County. My Client is 14 yo and will soon be 15 this Thanksgiving. If you have any availability or a referral form that I can begin to fill out please let me know. Please contact me via email listed above or by phone at 919-215-6259.
Posted by: Neal Frazier at 10/21/2014 3:17 PM

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