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All parents have questions from time to time:

• Is my child ‘normal’?
• Why has my teen stopped talking to us?
• How do I know when to talk to my child about sex?
• Is there a way to know if my teen is taking drugs?
• When my husband and I fight, does it affect our children?
• What is an appropriate punishment for my child?
• How do I maintain authority if my child and I are friends?
• What should I tell my child about war?
• Do young children understand death?
• If I teach my teen about birth control, will she think I am giving her permission to be promiscuous?
• How do I recognize depression in my teen?
• What if my child refuses to go to school?
• My child has become aggressive; what should I do?
• My teen used to get straight A’s and is now failing some classes; what is wrong?

Where do you go for answers? ParentCentral.Net is a wonderful website that advises parents on their most private and difficult issues with their children anonymously, for free and within 24 hours. Master’s and PhD level professionals respond to your posts quickly and give you solid advice on how to handle your problem and where to go for professional assistance if needed. No subject is taboo, and you will also be able to read posts by other parents who have had similar problems with their children. And you can post information for other parents if their issues are ones you have successfully handled. Every response is also reviewed by a ParentCentral.Net professional to ensure appropriateness and anonymity.

There are many pages and articles on the site that give valuable information about parenting issues and refer readers to additional helpful literature. Additionally, ParentCentral.Net offers PodCasts on important topics, books of interest and growing lists of resources. Parents can also explore the stories posted by teens on sister site TeenCentral.Net, which has been providing advice to teens since 1998. This site also has interactive questions and answers from professionals and contains sections on domestic violence, weight awareness and smoking secession; book recommendations; celebrity stories about overcoming difficulties in their teens; and hotlines to call if a teen is in distress.

ParentCentral.Net and TeenCentral.Net are brought to you by KidsPeace, a not-for-profit organization that has provided services to children, families and communities since 1882. KidsPeace is dedicated to serving the behavioral and mental health needs of children, preadolescents, teens and young adults, offering a comprehensive range of residential treatment programs, a psychiatric hospital, accredited educational services and a variety of foster care and community-based programs. KidsPeace offers services in Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Learn more at KidsPeace at

KidsPeace Foster Care 2nd Annual Baltimore 5K Run and Walk October 29, 2011

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KidsPeace Foster Care office in Baltimore, MD, will be holding its 2nd Annual 5K Run/1 Mile Walk Fundraiser – aptly named the KidsPeace Trick-or-Trot – will take place on Saturday, October 29, 2011. The event will start in Canton, go through Patterson Park and end in O’Donnell Square. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m., with the race getting underway at 9:00 a.m., and the fun walk starting at 9:05 a.m. There will be prizes for the best times, the best Halloween costumes for individuals and families and pet costumes, but all participants and volunteers will be winners because they will be helping KidsPeace foster children who live Baltimore and its surrounding communities.

KidsPeace is delighted to report that the Honorary Chairs of this event are Board of Associates Member Angela Showalter and her husband Buck Showalter, Manager of the Orioles baseball team.

According to Program Director Diane Sancilio, last year’s event was a huge success, raising more than $25,000 in cash and from in-kind donations and sponsorships from businesses in the O’Donnell Square area. “Business owners arrived at the finish lines with their families to provide crafts for the children, food, beverages and even electricity for the speaker system from one enthusiastic restaurant. All of the merchants and volunteers truly embraced the race/walk and the foster children KidsPeace serves. Many of the sponsors also volunteered to work with our teens to help them with interview skills and internships in the future.”

From employees of the Baltimore, DC, and Virginia KidsPeace foster care offices to staff from as far away as Pennsylvania, volunteers from the Board of Associates that supports the efforts of the office, to local businesses and sponsors, everyone worked extremely hard to make the event profitable and lots of fun for all who attended. Baltimore City DSS continues to be very supportive and an active partner.

Every registrant will be entered into a drawing for prizes. Winners will be selected at the awards ceremony, but must be present to win. There will be Trick or Treating for the kids courtesy of O’Donnell Square businesses and face painting. Parking will be on streets surrounding DuBurns Arena and O'Donnell Square, and there will be great refreshments in O’Donnell Square.

If you are unable to run or walk, please consider volunteering to help on the day of the race.

For more information on participating, volunteering or sponsoring opportunities, please contact Gina Seyfried, 410-964-9329 or

Why We Need Your Help
KidsPeace assists thousands of children by finding them safe, loving homes with caring foster parents in 9 states and the District of Columbia. The Baltimore foster care office is one that offers the KEYS Program (KidsPeace Empowering Youth to Succeed), which teaches foster teens life skills they will need when they age out of the system at 18 and live independently in the community. KEYS teaches them how to handle and save money, apply for jobs, get insurance, stick to budgets, contribute to the community and live successfully on their own.

While the teens learn these life skills, KEYS also provides them with money to save and to donate to good causes. “KEYS teaches these teens to be responsible, lawful and contributing members of the community, and helps them develop positive life skills and behaviors that will last them a lifetime,” says Sancilio. “We want to better the odds for our foster kids compared to the majority of foster kids who have high rates of homelessness, substance abuse, incarceration, and teen pregnancies,” Sancilio continues.

The foster families who attended and volunteered last year were amazed at the magnitude of the race and the community involvement on their behalf. One of the foster children summed it up by saying "Wow, This is all for us!" Please join your friends and neighbors in this fun day for the entire family.

KidsPeace Lists Ways to Celebrate National Kids Day - August 7, 2011

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National KidsDay® is almost upon us. Understanding that many of us cannot afford expensive observances, KidsPeace has put together this list of ways you can celebrate with the children in your lives that will make them happy and result in an great day for the entire family.

Family Scavenger Hunt
On National KidsDay morning, slip note cards under everyone’s pillow to start the scavenger hunt. Direct them where to go for a trail of treats and promises. Hide special goodies and notes around the house (each note provides a clue for the next card or treat). Promise notes can be as simple as “You can stay up late to watch a movie” or “You can decide where we eat tonight.” Save and redeem these promise coupons, spreading the togetherness for months to come.

Down Memory Lane
Relax with the kids and enjoy looking through old childhood photographs of you growing up and the kids as they’ve grown up. Share your favorite memories and activities you enjoyed as a child. Take pictures on National KidsDay and start to organize, with your children, scrapbooks they can share with their kids in years to come.

Healthy Kids Chart
A fun activity that promotes good health. Create a colorful chart to keep track of healthy habits, using poster board and markers. Brainstorm with the kids about what habits should be listed (perhaps eating healthier, eating more vegetables, tooth-brushing, flossing, hair washing, etc.). Along the side of the chart, write the healthy habits. Across the top, write each family member’s name. Draw spaces to check off or apply stickers whenever the healthy habits are followed.

The Big Coupon Reversal
Instead of kids making coupons for parents, adults make a coupon for the kids. Develop a list with the kinds of things your family hasn’t had time for lately. Together, create a coupon booklet. Then kids redeem the coupon any time they want a little extra attention.

National KidsDay Bash
Celebrate National KidsDay with family, friends and neighbors. Send party invitations and ask everyone to bring their kids’ favorite dishes to share. Have the kids create artistic table decorations and colorful placemats. Create a group graffiti board where everyone writes or draws special National KidsDay messages. Host a parent-child talent show or turn on some music and play musical chairs. Mark your calendars for the first Sunday in August and make this an annual, fun-filled event.

Sounds Like …
Play Charades as partners, teaming up at least one adult and one child. The first pair draws a movie title from the hat and leaves the room to plan how they will act out the clue. (You decide how long they get to prepare.) That pair acts out the title while the other team guesses. If the opposite team correctly guesses the clue, they are up next. Be sure to time each pair (allow 90 seconds). At the end of the game, the team with the shortest total time wins!

Neighborhood Carnival
Get together with other families in the neighborhood to plan a National KidsDay carnival! Have the kids organize games and events such as: bucket toss, face painting, beanbag toss, craft table, funny photo dress-up booth, etc. Play a friendly game of tug or war or parent-child sack races, three-legged and wheelbarrow races or egg-on-spoon race. Remember to partner grown-ups with children and have a terrific day.

Take a Hike
What a wonderful way to share time and nature with our children. Parks are wonderful places to explore with your child. Many have trails marked as to their difficulty. Bring backpacks w/lunch, plenty of fluids to drink, cameras, a compass, maps, insect repellant and sun block. Let your child use the compass to determine your path. See how many birds you can identify. Look for interesting insects to observe. Make sure you aren’t too ambitious in the distance covered so your child does not get too tired.

Have a Picnic
An ordinary lunch can turn into a delightful memory if you pack it up and go to a park or lake or special place to enjoy it with your child. Cut your sandwiches in amusing shapes, include healthy food and have your child prepare one item. Relax and talk with your child. Bring a ball or Frisbee and get some exercise with your child.

Enjoy a Movie Day
Spend the afternoon with your child watching one or two of his favorite movies. Afterwards, review the movies with you child being as positive as possible about the content, acting, theme, music, animation, etc. This is a great activity for a rainy day.

Volunteer Together
Help out at a local charity or raise funds through a lemonade stand and donate the proceeds to her favorite cause. Making volunteerism part of your child’s life is the best way to teach her to help others when she is an adult.

Do something nice for a neighbor
Help a neighbor out by pulling some weeds, sweeping, watering the plants or another act of kindness you and your child can do together. This is another valuable lesson to teach your child while having some special time for the two of you.

Clean up Toys
Take the time to go through your child’s toys together, separating out the ones he no longer plays with to donate to children who are in need. During this time, reminisce about how your child played with his different toys and share your memories of some fun times. Wash up all of the toys, whether they are being kept or donated.

Plan a Menu
Let your child plan a meal for that day. Then go out together and purchase the ingredients and prepare the meal together. While shopping, point out nutritional values of the foods you are buying and suggest healthier substitutes if appropriate.

Attend a Sports Event
What can be more fun than cheering on your favorite team? Find out when games will be played in your neighborhood and attend a baseball, softball or soccer game being played that day. Cheer loudly for friends and classmates and enjoy snacks together while watching.

Have an Arts and Crafts Day
Ask your child what she would like to make and spend part of the day helping her be creative. If it is a sloppy project, do it outside and then clean up with a hose, spraying each other if it is really hot out.


How will you celebrate with your kids? Please email us with some new and creative ideas at Just remember, however you celebrate National KidsDay, it is the closeness and fun that your child will remember.

KidsPeace 14th Annual Soccer Invitational to Benefit TeenCentral.Net and ParentCentral.Net August 20, 21, 2011

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KidsPeace is excited to announce that the organization’s 14th Annual KidsPeace Soccer Invitational will be held on August 20 and 21, 2011. All proceeds from the tournament will be used to support TeenCentral.Net and ParentCentral.Net, KidsPeace websites that offer free, anonymous, safe advice to teens and parents, respectively, from around the world.

The tournament will feature play by league teams and recreation plus teams playing in the upcoming fall season. This two-day soccer competition is for ages U9-U15 boy and girl teams and U16-U19 girls teams. There will be 8v8 play for U9-U12, and 11v11 play for U11-U19.

This year, KidsPeace is also offering Futsal Exhibitions games for the first time. Futsal is indoor play between teams of four featuring a heavier ball and more aggressive play.

Typically, the tournament draws up to 4,000 participants and visitors to the Orefield, PA, campus, including many neighbors and community members who enjoy watching high-level, competitive soccer. Food and beverages will be served, souvenirs will be sold and KidsPeace volunteers will be staffing the event and ensuring that it runs smoothly.

Participants are invited to camp on the grounds for the weekend, but no alcohol or pets are permitted.

Our premier sponsor is Verizon Wireless, but several additional sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact Terry Callaghan at 610-799-7990 or if you would like to support this terrific event. Depending on your level of sponsorship, your organization’s name and logo will be prominently displayed during the tournament in program books, on signage and at different booths.

Applications for the Soccer Invitational and the Futsal Exhibition must be submitted by July 28. To fill out an application, click here and send it in as soon as possible.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend and contribute to a worthy cause that helps thousands of teens and parents deal with difficult issues.


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OREFIELD, June 3, 2011 – One hundred, and forty-eight golfers will “take to the links” on June 13th for the 26th Annual KidsPeace Golf Classic at Lehigh Country Club.

For nearly 130 years, KidsPeace has been one of the nation’s leading charitable organizations dedicated to children. KidsPeace provides a full continuum of mental and behavioral health programs for Lehigh Valley children and their families. With Highmark Blue Shield as its premier sponsor, the tournament will benefit the KidsPeace Children’s Fund. Event title sponsors are PrintConcepts and Tallman, Hudders & Sorrentino. The automobile sponsor is Lehigh Valley Acura, Honda and Hyundai.

“This year’s KidsPeace Golf Classic promises to be a fun and memorable event,” said Mike Fisher, President/CEO of PrintConcepts and event chair. “We are looking forward to a great day of golf and raising funds – all for an important local cause.”


One special feature of this year’s tournament is a silent auction featuring a variety of sports memorabilia and autographed items, including signed items from golfers Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, Anika Sorenstam and Chi Chi Rodriquez, an autographed Marc Andre Fleury Winter Classic jersey from the Pittsburgh Penguins, a Washington Red Skins autographed football, a Jimmy Johnson autographed NASCAR hat and a Dan Marino signed Hall of Fame hat. Other major items in the auction will be a week at a North Carolina beach house, Flyers, Phillies and Yankees tickets, and tickets to the Journey and Foreigner concert at the Allentown Fair.


Non-golfers are welcome to attend the event banquet. For information on the tournament or sponsorship opportunities call Terry Callaghan at 610-799-7990.

KidsPeace Encourages Celebration of National KidsDay® August 7, 2011

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National KidsDay®, celebrated this year on August 7, was created by KidsPeace to encourage adults to spend meaningful time with America’s children, and to celebrate their inherent worth and value. Recognized by the U.S. Congress and endorsed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, National KidsDay is a registered trademark of KidsPeace to ensure the day is always used for the benefit of children.

National KidsDay is an opportunity to:
• Celebrate childhood
• Demonstrate our commitment to nurturing children
• Inspire our nation, our communities and our families to love and appreciate children
• To prepare our children for a healthy, happy, successful future.

Why America Needs National KidsDay
For decades, children across America asked their parents, grandparents and guardians why America celebrates "Mother's Day" and "Father's Day," but has no "Kid's Day." National KidsDay fills that gap and seeks to provide a reminder of children's year-round need for meaningful time and interactions with adults
How to Celebrate
• Family Scavenger Hunt

• Look at old family pictures

• Play Charades

• Neighborhood Carnival

• Take a Hike

• Have a Picnic

• Enjoy a Movie Day

• Volunteer together

• Do something nice for a neighbor

• Plan a Menu

• Attend a Sports Event

• Have an Arts and Crafts Day

Who Supports National KidsDay?
Retro Bill, Celebrity KidsPeace Spokesperson
"Stuff comes and goes, but meaningful time together is forever. I encourage parents, adults and children to use National KidsDay as an opportunity to mark the importance of time well spent together."

Dr. Lewis P. Lipsitt, famed Brown University Child Development pioneer and National Director of the KidsPeace Lee Salk Center for Research

"National KidsDay is an enlightened idea that promises to benefit children today, as well as for years to come. This special day reminds us of the high esteem in which we hold our children. By dedicating a special day for children, National KidsDay promotes ever-increasing attachments between parents and kids.”

U.S. Conference of Mayors
The United States Conference of Mayors endorses and supports National KidsDay and encourages all Americans to participate in National KidsDay celebrations.

Whereas there is an epidemic of children in crisis in the United States caused by the increased stresses on children from contemporary society, which can even include instances of child abuse and neglect; Whereas KidsPeace is the oldest, most successful, and most comprehensive not-for-profit organization dedicated solely to helping children attain the confidence and develop the courage necessary to confront and overcome crisis; Whereas these celebrations can provide opportunities for parents, grandparents and caregivers to recognize the importance of being involved in the physical and emotional lives of their children: Now, therefore be it resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That the Congress:

1. Recognizes the importance of children and families to the future of the United States;

2. Expresses support for the goals of National KidsDay and National Family Month, as established by KidsPeace; and

3. Encourages the people of the United States to participate in local and national activities and celebrations recognizing National KidsDay and National Family Month. - The U.S. House of Representatives October 8, 1998 (excerpt)

KidsPeace is a 129-year-old national children’s charity dedicated to helping America’s kids avoid and overcome the kinds of crises that can strike any child – from traumas to neglect, depression and the stresses of modern life. Founded in 1882 in Bethlehem, PA, KidsPeace helps thousands of children a day at centers across the country and millions more through public education and outreach with the support of its national spokespeople and other notables. KidsPeace was called “the outstanding organization” of its kind by the American Association of Psychiatric Services for Children and “a prototype of what we need for all children everywhere” by family expert Dr. Lee Salk. For more information, go to

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