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All parents have questions from time to time:

• Is my child ‘normal’?
• Why has my teen stopped talking to us?
• How do I know when to talk to my child about sex?
• Is there a way to know if my teen is taking drugs?
• When my husband and I fight, does it affect our children?
• What is an appropriate punishment for my child?
• How do I maintain authority if my child and I are friends?
• What should I tell my child about war?
• Do young children understand death?
• If I teach my teen about birth control, will she think I am giving her permission to be promiscuous?
• How do I recognize depression in my teen?
• What if my child refuses to go to school?
• My child has become aggressive; what should I do?
• My teen used to get straight A’s and is now failing some classes; what is wrong?

Where do you go for answers? ParentCentral.Net is a wonderful website that advises parents on their most private and difficult issues with their children anonymously, for free and within 24 hours. Master’s and PhD level professionals respond to your posts quickly and give you solid advice on how to handle your problem and where to go for professional assistance if needed. No subject is taboo, and you will also be able to read posts by other parents who have had similar problems with their children. And you can post information for other parents if their issues are ones you have successfully handled. Every response is also reviewed by a ParentCentral.Net professional to ensure appropriateness and anonymity.

There are many pages and articles on the site that give valuable information about parenting issues and refer readers to additional helpful literature. Additionally, ParentCentral.Net offers PodCasts on important topics, books of interest and growing lists of resources. Parents can also explore the stories posted by teens on sister site TeenCentral.Net, which has been providing advice to teens since 1998. This site also has interactive questions and answers from professionals and contains sections on domestic violence, weight awareness and smoking secession; book recommendations; celebrity stories about overcoming difficulties in their teens; and hotlines to call if a teen is in distress.

ParentCentral.Net and TeenCentral.Net are brought to you by KidsPeace, a not-for-profit organization that has provided services to children, families and communities since 1882. KidsPeace is dedicated to serving the behavioral and mental health needs of children, preadolescents, teens and young adults, offering a comprehensive range of residential treatment programs, a psychiatric hospital, accredited educational services and a variety of foster care and community-based programs. KidsPeace offers services in Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Learn more at KidsPeace at

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