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In honor of National Foster Care Month, the KidsPeace Raleigh, NC, Foster Care and Community Programs office is celebrating the work that our families are doing with the children/teens placed in their homes. Families enter a weekly drawing to win a gift card by answering a “Question of the Week.” We thought that sharing their thoughts with you would help us honor them further and display how the work they do daily is giving hope, help and healing to our children, families and communities. A few of the responses appear below:

Question of the Week for May 3rd:

What do you see as your main strength as a Foster Parent?

I am very passionate about young people and often have difficulty defining what many may consider my "strength" as a Foster Parent. I will say that I always meet the youth where they are with respect to assuring them that regardless of their circumstances that we can work together to find viable solutions and identify the appropriate resources to assist them with moving forward. I believe in empowering youth and equipping them with skills and processes to achieve goals and master accomplishments. I am a good listener and I only offer solutions when prompted by the individual. I strive to provide opportunities wherein youth can utilize their abilities to problem solve and create positive outcomes with limited assistance from adults. This process creates strengthened self-esteem and a new-found awareness of how to deal with adversities and challenges. Youth are our most valuable asset, and the process by which we lend our talents, skills and experiences as adults helps prepare them for this journey called life. There is no blueprint for being a foster parent, but there are definitely best practices...and they seem to work for me. Evelyn S.


Question of the Week for May 10th:

Tell us about a special memory that you have of a child placed in your home (past or present).


The first thing I thought of when I read this question was Christmas morning 2008 with S.J. We were at my sister’s house and all my family was there. S. was sitting on the couch beside me not expecting any gifts since we had celebrated our family Christmas before going to my sister’s home in Virginia.  I will never forget the look on her face when she got her first gift from one of my sisters, she almost cried. I don’t think she could understand how complete strangers could accept her and treat her like one of the family so easily. It was wonderful and she had a great day. Sandy C.


A special memory of a child that was placed in my home is when this child took the time to say thank you for all that you are doing for me. She acknowledged the fact that, although her biological parents were not there for her, she still had a chance. She said to me she felt as though she has a chance as long as she keeps in touch with her foster family. Theresa S.



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