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Ambassadors of KidsPeace embrace customer service

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By Denise Morganthall


ambassadors-customer-service-kidspeaceMost people will agree that customer service is one of the most important parts of a company’s overall strategy to conducting business since without customers there is no business. If this is the case, why is it that so many of us can easily cite examples of poor customer service in our daily lives?


Most companies like to think they have good customer service. However, if steps are not taken to ensure this is true, reality is often far from their perception. In today’s world, competition is tougher than ever. If you can’t provide services when somebody wants them, there is always someone else who will. You rarely get a second chance when you drop the ball.


At KidsPeace, our commitment to great customer service goes hand-in-hand with our Mission, Vision and Values. Do you know what they are? While the welfare of the client is always first, the revenue we generate helps us provide for the clients and helps pay staff and cover our organization’s bills. Great customer service builds a customer base that enables us to properly take care of the children we serve and our staff.


Customer service is part of the foundation of our business success. KidsPeace constantly strives for positive customer relations to maintain the integrity of our organization. We view ourselves as the Ambassadors of KidsPeace and realize that without our customers, we would not be here.

Yoga helps create a better life for children

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By Kristen Fritz


Adults participate in yoga to help reduce stress and to improve flexibility and posture. Now kids are using yoga as more than just a means of physical exercise, but as more of a lifestyle change.


While experiencing a dark time in her life, a local woman in Chicago works to help boost her children’s and other children’s confidence and ability to resist violence. Students at Nash Elementary School on the city's West Side are learning the principles and techniques of yoga through a program called Keeping the Peace, which is funded by the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority and aimed at students who have a parent who is incarcerated, according to an ABC news article. Meghan Olson started the program as a way to give back from her experience.


yoga-children-health-kidspeace"My father was incarcerated in Puerto Rico. Our family had such support around us. I had always been involved with children on the West Side of Chicago and I saw the need there," Olson says in the article. "I see children who are shut down, mislabeled. I see children who are angry."


Students say the camaraderie of like-minded children and understanding adults offers invaluable support and help manage their emotions.


"I feel safer here and people can comfort you like when you feel sad and stuff. Like it was this one time when I was kind of sad then when I came in here everybody gathered around me and gave me a hug," seventh-grader Sania Franklin says in the article.


The program also helps keep them focused by following a different path.


"I feel that I should try to stray myself from doing anything wrong with an illegal intent and keep myself away from the gangs completely," eighth-grader Tyrone Fullilove, Jr., says.


Participants in Keeping the Peace also have access to individual mentoring and family counseling sessions in the evening.


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