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KidsPeace Leaders Wash Cars for a Good Cause

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As cold and windy as it was, the senior leadership of KidsPeace donned jeans and sweatshirts on Monday and held a car wash to kick off the organization's United Way Campaign in the Lehigh Valley. President and CEO Will Isemann; Executive Vice Presidents Michael Slack and Tim Richards; Vice Presidents Grace Fornicola, Mark Stubis, Susan Mullen, Kevin Burgess and Sue Leyburn; Medical Director Herb Mandell; and Director Eileen Tkacik worked from 11:00 a.m until 4:00 p.m. washing KidsPeace associates' cars and having what appeared to be a wonderful time. Volunteers cooked hot dogs and served lunch, sold tickets to a silent auction, and ran a chipping contest for experienced and novice golfers. The event raised more than $800, which will be split between the United Way and the KidsPeace Children's Fund.

"The local United Way campaign is so important to the Lehigh Valley," said Will Isemann, "that the senior associates of KidsPeace wanted to do their part to emphasize our commitment to this worthy cause. We also wanted to help support the KidsPeace Children's fund because every dollar donated goes directly to helping the children in our care." Isemann went on to thank all of the volunteers who supported the car-washing crew and the associates who used their lunch breaks to get their cars washed.

KidsPeace Execs Wash Cars for Fundraiser 

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