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TeenCentral.Net can help teenagers learn to deal with peer pressure

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teencentralnetBy Denise Morganthall


Avoiding peer pressure may sound simple enough, but for many it is not. The teen years can take a toll on teens and their family. Teens are dealing with many pressures in life; just figuring out who they are is enough in itself. It is important as parents that we help our teenagers develop the self confidence to withstand peer pressure, and make their own decisions.


Teens like to do what their friends are doing so they can feel accepted. However, this does not always lead to healthy physical or emotional outcomes. The best way for a teen to avoid being the only one saying no to peer pressure is to choose friends with similar values who will back them up when they don’t want to do something.


If teens find themselves struggling to avoid peer pressure, they should not be afraid to seek help in the form of a parent, teacher, counselor or www.TeenCentral.Net, a free, online, anonymous counseling site. The site, which focuses on everything from bullying to drug and alcohol use to dating violence, even has special sections dedicated to children in foster care, those whose parents are in the military or those looking to explore religion and faith. 

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