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KidsPeace and TeenCentral.Net Visited by Miss Pennsylvania’s Outstanding Teen

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On Friday, January 7, 2011, KidsPeace was fortunate to be visited by the reigning Miss PA’s Outstanding Teen, Jocelyn Gruber, and her mom, Paula. The pair braved the snow in the morning to meet with Director of TeenCentral.Net Dr. Julius Licata and tour the KidsPeace residential facilities and schools in Orefield, PA, and film Jocelyn speaking about her own teen years and the problems she has encountered before and after winning the state pageant. 


Jocelyn is a beautiful, energetic and personable young lady who is filled with the desire to bring the pageant to people everywhere in the state. She has a strong ethic and a loving, caring attitude that aims to please. For many reasons, this was a very special visit for Jocelyn, as she spent her first 10 years being raised at a facility that is similar to KidsPeace because both of her parents were counselors there. Growing up with her brothers in this environment may explain her keen understanding of kids’ problems and wisdom beyond her 17 years.


Paula Gruber is the effervescent mom who is obviously very proud of her daughter’s accomplishments and quickly informs the listener that she is equally proud of her two sons now serving in the Navy. Both graduated from Annapolis, and they are currently serving their country.  Jocelyn, who beams whenever her brothers are mentioned, echoes the closeness of this family. She is quick to let you know that her dad is her greatest fan.


Jocelyn toured Headquarters and then went for a tour of the KidsPeace Hospital where she met with staff and children. Anyone with her immediately realized that her love for the children was very strong.  She met with the youngest group and asked if they knew who she was. The answers ranged from the President to the Queen of PA, which, I guess, is not that far away from who she is or how she felt with these children. They enjoyed the visit and were able to touch her crown, ask questions and just talk to her.


Her next stop was to the Donley Education Center where she met with about 15 teens. These teens were, at first, quite reluctant to speak, but after about 5 minutes, they became totally involved and shared stories, asked questions and laughed along with this outstanding teen.


Jocelyn then returned to headquarters and to the TC.N office and spoke to teens via video camera about her life and difficulties and how you have to be ready to sacrifice for what you really want. Her message was loud and clear as she encouraged teens to go for it all.

“You can have it all, you just can’t have it all at one time.” 


Both Jocelyn and Paula plan to come back again soon to meet with more teens and to possibly film Paula for ParentCentral.Net. After a brief visit of just 4 or 5 hours, one can be assured that there is no shortage of stars in this family.


What is Miss Pennsylvania's Outstanding Teen?

The Miss America's Outstanding Teen title is earned through local, regional and then state competitions presented by this scholarship-based program that offers accomplished teens opportunities to win funds for college. Outstanding young women compete on their scholastic achievement, creative accompli

shment, healthy living and community involvement. In the past five years, the organization has awarded more than $3 million in college scholarships.  


Jocelyn earned the title of Miss Greater Johnstown Outstanding Teen and then won the competition in June to be crowned Miss Pennsylvania’s Outstanding Teen. She also won the talent award for her piano performance. In August, Jocelyn was honored as one of the top 10 at the national competition for Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, winning a $1,500 scholarship.


Each competitor has a platform, and Jocelyn’s is: “A Call to Service:  Motivating Today's Youth through the United States Public Service Academy.” She hopes to encourage other teens to participate in public service. Jocelyn is a member of the National Honor Society, "Who's Who in Foreign Language," Outstanding Achievement in Foreign Languages, National Young Leaders Council and the Fast Track program at Slippery Rock University.


Julius Licata is thrilled to have Jocelyn as a supporter of TeenCentral.Net and is happy that the relationship between the Miss Pennsylvania group and TeenCentral.Net has been strong since 2002, when Autumn Marisa, the current Executive Director of Miss PA’s Outstanding Teen, was Miss Pennsylvania herself. To learn more about the program, visit



pa outstanding teen


Jocelyn visits with Executive Vice President for Business Development Michael Slack and TeenCentral.Net Director Julius Licata at KidsPeace




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