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Home … "There's no place like home." Giving kids a safe and secure environment.

Trust ... "Creating relationships with people kids can trust." Giving kids assurance, confidence, and people they can trust.

Love … "The gift of unconditional love." Giving kids love, acceptance, appreciation and value.

Freedom … "Encouraging kids to learn and grow." Giving kids freedom to grow and empowerment to discover their talents.

Hope … "A commitment to building strong families and growing confident kids." Giving kids hope for the future, and celebrating their successes.


Other ways to enjoy National Family Month:

Promote Celebration in your Community...
  • Encourage your school, religious group and community organizations to celebrate National Family Month.
  • Write to your district U.S. Congressman, local and state representatives or Governor to ask for their recognition of National Family Month.
  • Call your local radio or television station requesting that they announce the holiday.
  • Schedule activities with your family -- spend meaningful time together:

So many ways to say "I love you"...

Take a walk together.
Bake and decorate a cake.
Make cookies.
Leave a note in their lunch bag.
Watch a favorite movie.
Say, "I trust you."
Meet eyes when you speak.
Say "please" with your requests.
Say "thank you."
Speak kindly to your child.
Cheer proudly for your kid.
Keep confidence.
Discipline in private.
Let your "no" mean no.
Let your "yes" mean yes.
Praise events.
Go to a ballgame together.
Have family dinner at home at least twice a week.
Do a puzzle together.
Ask, "Do you want to talk?"
Listen. Listen. Listen.
Pat their shoulder when you walk by.
Be ready to be there.
Make free time.
Allow mistakes.
Laugh out loud.
Ask, "How can I help you?"
Give and respect privacy.
Welcome your child's friends.
Say, "I'm proud of you."
Set boundaries.
Give clear expectations.
Make attainable goals.
Say, "I'm sorry," and ask forgiveness when wrong.
Throw a surprise party.
Tell the truth.
Say, "I don't know" when you don't.
Ask, "How do you feel about . . .?"
Be home when they are home.
Give freedom.
Create rules together.
State limits and consequences clearly.
Implement consequences consistently.
Acknowledge feelings.
Ask for ideas and suggestions.
Teach a craft or skill.
Celebrate success.
Own your feelings.
Laugh when you are happy.
Cry when you are sad.
Explain why you are angry.
Accept responsibility.
Use a soft voice.
Hug often.
Catch your child being good.
Make "I love you" the last thing you say every night.
Say, "Good morning!" cheerfully every morning.
Don't embarrass a child.
Be physically close to a child when explaining a consequence.
Make a dinner date for just you and your child.
Go to the circus when it is in town.
Turn off the TV.
Make a campfire and sing songs.
Roast marshmallows.
Read "Where the Red Fern Grows" out loud.
Make a birdhouse.
Go to the park and feed ducks or pigeons.
Stop what you are doing and listen.
Make waffles for breakfast.
Take your child to work.
Accept no excuses, bargaining or whining.
Never lie.
Give space.
Wish your child a "great day" when off to school.
Attend and cheer your child's school sporting and performance events.
Go to the playground and ride a teeter-totter.
Lie on your backs and look for shooting stars at night.
Lie on your backs and make pictures out of clouds.
Keep your promises.
Teach your kids how to save money.
Show enthusiasm.
Watch "The Sound of Music" every Thanksgiving.
Develop a kid's-eye view of the world.
Make family traditions.
Take a family vacation every year.
Show respect for authority.
Plant flowers or a tree on their birthday.
Pay back any money you borrow.
Ride bikes together.
Go fishing.
Teach your child to swim.
Sing songs.
Learn CPR together.
Show and tell your love for your spouse.
Make learning exciting and never-ending.
Learn a traditional dance together.
Be a good winner.
Be a good loser.
Read a best-selling children's book aloud.
Learn to play a musical instrument with your kids.
Give three compliments for every correction.
Be positive.
Teach good table manners.
Forget failures.
Remember successes.
Listen to music.
Share memories.
Tell childhood stories.
Attend religious services together.
Don't complain or nag.
Celebrate every holiday.
Cuddle with a stuffed toy.
Say "I love you."



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