Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission…
To give hope, help and healing to children, families and communities

Our Vision...
To help people in need overcome challenges and transform their lives by providing emotional and physical healthcare
and educational services in an atmosphere of teamwork, compassion and creativity


What We Value...

Human Well Being





KidsPeace Believes In:
Safety is a primary need and fundamental right of every person. America’s future depends upon emotionally healthy and physically safe people. Every American – especially teachers, counselors and children’s group leaders – share a unique responsibility to positively nurture, respect and safeguard people.

Every person is unique and has worth and value.

Relationships and Belonging
People grow in the context of supportive relationships. They are helped most by people closest to them. Mothers and fathers are the single most powerful support system for kids.

Every kid has powerful potential.
Help for kids facing crisis must be available anytime, anywhere.

Kids learn by making decisions and taking action based upon values.
Helping kids anticipate and overcome crisis is a moral imperative and a wise investment of resources.

People discover strengths through choice, risk, failure, insight and success.

Every American has a moral obligation to protect and support people as they discover their strengths and transform into healthy adults.

KidsPeace Model of Care
All people need confidence to overcome crisis. The KidsPeace Model of Care is designed to encourage a process of life-long learning for people, to help them value themselves, to find a vision for their future and to think, act and make the most of every opportunity.

The KidsPeace Model of Care is a clear, compelling statement of the KidsPeace beliefs and principles that form the foundation of our care and treatment of children, families and communities. It is based on research and practical experience and provides a description to our customers, to the profession and to the community at large of the beliefs and thinking that are the framework, guideline and measurement for all programs and services.

The KidsPeace Model of Care is...

Aligned: building upon and integrated into the KidsPeace platform statement.

Value-driven: describing the goals of our service as the outcome of our beliefs.

Person-centered: placing people as central to all programs and participation in organizational life and responsibility.

Strength-based: recognizing the strengths and potential of people rather than their deficits, and empowering competent development by people.

Peer-related: developing relationships of the individual to the peer group, which is crucial to growth toward independent and successful living.