On Tuesday, Mary Beth Marsden of WBAL Radio interviewed Angela Showalter. Angela, wife of the Baltimore Orioles General Manager Buck Showalter, shared her thoughts on the amazing Orioles season. Furthermore, she shared her support for KidsPeace and KidsPeace Foster Care and Community programs. 


For years the Showalters have supported the mission of KidsPeace and KidsPeace Foster Care. They have made their support known by sharing their voices and image in various KidsPeace PSAs as well as promoting KidsPeace during home games at Camden Yards. The Showalters invite all to the 5K Trick-or-Trot in Baltimore, Saturday, October 27, where all proceeds benefit KidsPeace Foster Care and Community Programs of Maryland and Washington D.C. 


Listen to the complete WBAL interview with Angela Showalter here: http://www.wbal.com/article/94952/10/template-marylandsnewsnow/Angela-Showalter-Talks-About-The-O-Mazing-Season-And-KidsPeace