We’re so very proud of the successes of our kids and our staff that we want to shout out from the rooftops. It’s our vision to “to be the premier provider of services to help kids facing crisis by offering exemplary programs, operational excellence and leadership that inspires caregivers everywhere”; to that end, we’ve helped the media with expert advice and instructional anecdotes on a variety of children’s issues throughout the year.

Find out what’s new at KidsPeace, or read some of the positive coverage of our efforts that were carried by a large number of media over the last several years, including newspapers, magazines, TV and radio station broadcasts and Internet sites. KidsPeace experts were featured on everyday issues affecting children and families, as well as some of the most hard-hitting events across the world, including childhood obesity, depression, grief, school shootings, bullying, domestic violence and even suicide prevention. We continue to reach out through even more media resources in the future. 

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