The KidsPeace Board works tirelessly to keep KidsPeace apace with the changing reality and many challenges of the modern world. Members come from diverse backgrounds and have a rich history of public service and devotion to children’s, family and community causes. Their wide range of ages, professional expertise, and geographical locations yield a diverse, dynamic, and dedicated Board, with a hands-on approach to issues affecting all children. Their gifts of leadership, time, talent and charity are at the forefront of KidsPeace’s efforts and accomplishments on behalf of children across the nation and around the world.


Mary Jane Willis, Chair
Dr. Larry Bell, First Vice Chair
L. Richard Plunkett, Second Vice Chair
William R. Isemann, President and CEO
James Horan, EVP/CFO, Treasurer
Michael Slack, EVP Business Development
Susan Mullen, EVP Programs
Gayle Norris, Secretary


Dr. Ira Blake
Joe H. Folger
Dwayne Leslie
John W. Marsland
John Moses
Dr. Constance Porter
L. Richard Plunkett
Dr. Scott Reines
Dr. JoAnn Spencer
Richard Tisinger, Sr.
Mario Turco
David Small

Board Committee Members

Marshall Sullivan
Andrew Werner

General Counsel

J. Jackson Eaton, III

Honorary Directors
Ann F. Ardoline
Inez Donley
Frances Hesselbein
Douglas Patt