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Get help. To access the help you need, fill out the KidsPeace Assistance Form describing the issues you and your child are facing or call 888-KP-HELPS. 

KidsPeace has been serving the families of the Lehigh Valley since 1882. As the needs of the community change, so do the services that we offer.

We are proud to introduce the new KidsPeace Family Center of the Lehigh Valley at our Broadway Campus in Bethlehem. 

The goal of the KidsPeace Family Center is to provide a central resource where community members can receive outpatient mental health services, pediatric and psychological screenings, individual and group therapy for children and parents, autism services, educational programming and a host of allied professional services. 

A huge benefit of this new concept is that it is part of our broader KidsPeace Mental Health Network Lehigh Valley (MHNLV), which provides many services directly and also makes referrals to the most appropriate service for your family. 

KidsPeace has facilities in a variety of locations around the Lehigh Valley, and the KidsPeace Family Center offers an entry point to our services.The Family Center staff assesses the situation, schedules outpatient services, refers to KidsPeace locations and helps families navigate the system to find the best resources to meet their needs. 

Outpatient Services
The KidsPeace Family Center offers a comprehensive selection of outpatient services to the children and families of the Lehigh Valley. These services adjust and evolve as we learn more about the needs of our clients, and they currently include:

• Outpatient Therapy – KidsPeace clinicians provide individual, family and group therapy to children and their family members including adult services

• Autism Services – KidsPeace is a leader in the Lehigh Valley in the provision of services to children and teens on the Autism Spectrum. Among our services are:

Diagnostic Services – Utilizing the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), our behavior specialists and psychologists assess children to determine if they are on the Autism Spectrum and prepare comprehensive reports with accurate diagnoses and recommendations about services that would be most helpful to each child. Appointments can be scheduled quickly.

Behavioral Health and Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) - BHRS provides clinical, child-centered, family focused care to clients with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis to assist in new skill development and coping mechanisms for clients and their family members. Services are provided on a one-to-one basis by culturally competent staff in the client’s home, school, daycare center or community.

Autism After School Therapeutic Program - A site-based opportunity for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis  to develop and practice social skills with peers using individualized curricula founded on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to target relevant skills to assist clients in reaching their full potential. The program runs four days per week after school during the school year in a classroom setting that includes small groups of like-aged clients. The program offers quarterly training for parents to attend while their children are in class.

Sarah’s Smile Summer Autism Program - A site-based summer program for children on the Autism Spectrum that provides opportunities to develop and practice a wide variety of social skills with peers and to go on community outings with staff. Applied Behavior Analysis is utilized in the curriculum that targets relevant social and communication skills in an interactive group setting. Communication with families is maximized by daily activity reports.

• Educational and After School Programs – (Coming) In addition to our autism after school program, the Family Center offers programs for children who have behavior problems, are academically behind their peers, need socialization assistance, have issues that are best dealt with in a structured setting and who will benefit from a therapeutic environment on a regular basis.

• Drug and Alcohol Treatment – (Coming) We understand that children are exposed to alcohol and drugs at very young ages. KidsPeace provides counseling for children and adults who have problems with drugs or alcohol and provides them with the tools to remain sober throughout their lives. We will also assess the severity of the problem and recommend inpatient options if necessary.

• In-Home Treatment – In some cases, our clients are unable to travel to our outpatient facilities to receive treatment. KidsPeace provides mobile counselors who visit clients and their families in their homes and help them cope with their issues in familiar settings. Counselors can also assess interactions between family members in a comfortable environment and speak with individuals all at the same time.

• Allied Professional Services – The Family Center coordinates services and appointments so that clients can receive all of their therapies in one location and require fewer trips. Children can be assessed by pediatricians, receive speech and occupational therapy, participate in recreational therapy, receive a number of diagnostic/assessment tests, obtain nutritional counseling and have screening for learning disabilities. Families can be assessed as well to determine if the interactions among relatives is contributing to mental health issues of Family Center clients.

• Referrals – The Family Center is the entry point to the large KidsPeace Mental Health Network of the Lehigh Valley. Once clients have been assessed,  our highly trained staff will refer them to the appropriate programs and services within KidsPeace or to our partners' organizations in the community.

Mental Health Network Lehigh Valley 
 KidsPeace operates a number of facilities for treating youth and their families across the Lehigh Valley.  KidsPeace offers:
KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital - KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital is a one-of-a-kind facility, dedicated solely to healing and addressing the unique mental and behavioral health care needs of kids and young adults experiencing severe crises. The 80-bed hospital is located in Orefield, Pennsylvania, on the Orchard Hills Campus, a safe, secure countryside setting of more than 260 acres. On-site classrooms, indoor and outdoor athletic facilities and common rooms contribute to a structured environment where clients feel supported and protected. With unique short-term programs tailored to children, preadolescents and teens and young adults, KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital brings hope to clients who were once considered unreachable…Orchard Hills Campus, Orefield, PA.

Residential  Treatment Programs – 

Diagnostic Programs - Crisis stabilization is provided in a staff-intensive, 24-hour, campus-based environment for clients experiencing emotional, behavioral and social adaptation problems. This short-term program accepts male and female children and adolescents with most DSM-IV psychiatric conditions and provides psychiatric, physical/nursing assessments and clinical review.

Behavior Disorders - Highly structured, staff secure, reality and cognitively behaviorally based specialized residential treatment program serving clients with behavior disorder issues. The program helps residents accept responsibility for inappropriate behavior, identify maladaptive behavior patterns, increase social sensitivity, develop empathy for victims and train in pro-social skills and self-discipline.

Intensive Residential (RTF)- Highly individualized, self-contained, staff-secure, 24-hour psychiatric care for clients requiring more intensive clinical, recreational and educational services and supervision than standard residential care. Provides effective individual intervention to assist clients with multiple psychiatric diagnoses who exhibit moderate to severe symptomatology or have histories of unsuccessful or repeated placement or hospitalizations to function in less restrictive settings.

MH/MR (KidsHope RTF Program) - Highly individualized, self-contained, structured 24-hour clinical, educational and psychiatric care for low functioning adolescents (FS IQ = 50–70) with behavior disorders whose adaptive functioning prevents success in less restrictive settings. The program strives to improve impulse control, social judgment and interpersonal skills using applied behavior modification and provides closely supervised, highly structured educational services in a self-contained classroom.

Sexual Issues (RTF)- This self-contained, highly structured, staff-secure, intensive residential treatment program provides services to male adolescents with sexually abusive/reactive issues that prevent appropriate functioning in less restrictive settings. The program focuses on helping clients accept responsibility for behaviors, identify maladaptive behavioral patterns, increase social sensitivity, develop empathy for victims and learn long-term accountability and self-discipline.

Outpatient Services

Acute Partial Hospitalization - An alternative for youth at risk of inpatient psychiatric hospitalization due to difficulty functioning in school, at home and in the community or a step-down service after inpatient care. The program provides intensive interdisciplinary mental health services on an outpatient basis and is divided into groups of 6–12 year olds and 13–18 year olds. Services include psychiatric evaluations, substance abuse screening, tutoring, medication monitoring, behavior modification, case management and individual, group and family therapy.

Partial Hospitalization - Intensive individual, group and family therapy treatment in a year-round school setting for youth exhibiting severe behavioral problems and at risk for inpatient placement or who are stepping down from inpatient treatment or residential care. Clients may exhibit severe behavioral problems and have ADHD, or oppositional defiant, conduct, or mood disorders and may have deficits in self-image and social and interpersonal skills.

Intensive Outpatient - Intensive mental health services to clients experiencing difficulty functioning in the community environment, providing intensive individual, family and group therapy on an ambulatory basis within the social support system. Therapy focuses on symptom reduction and eliminating the need for more restrictive treatment and offers ongoing support following discharge from inpatient, partial hospitalization or residential care, empowering clients to achieve and maintain the skills to function positively in their communities.

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic - Services include individual, group and family therapy; psychiatric evaluations, consultations; and medication monitoring for clients with DSM-IV diagnoses and medical necessity who are having difficulty functioning in the community, home or school – Allentown, PA.

• Blended Case Management (Intensive Case Management with Resource Coordination) - Serving Lehigh and Northampton Counties in PA, with the goal of assisting clients and their families to gain access to services, monitor service delivery, assist with problem resolution and link to community resources. Clients have DSM-IV Axis 1 diagnoses and receive individualized service plans, home visits, assistance obtaining and maintaining basic living needs and skills, 24-hour access to staff, connection to community resources and natural supports, assistance with transportation to and from appointments and coordination with other agency services.