Sarah’s Smile Summer Autism Program - PA 

Male/female ages 6–16 

A site-based summer program for autistic children that provides opportunities to develop and practice a wide variety of social skills with peers and to go on community outings with staff. Applied Behavior Analysis is utilized in the curriculum that targets relevant social and communication skills in an interactive group setting. Communication with families is maximized by daily activity reports. 

KidsPeace Broadway Campus, Bethlehem, PA 


A letter of thanks from a parent:

Dear Sarah's Smile Staff, 

Betty* had her best camp experience to date! From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate everyone's kindness, positive attitudes, patience, energetic nature, and the list goes on. Betty had a great summer. She has been talking more, eating more and showing an interest in coloring (the table mostly, but hey, that's a start!). The progress shs made with eating new foods is amazing. We can't thank you enough. 

All the best, 

The T.* Family

*Names have been changed to protect privacy