Outpatient Services 

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic – PA 

Male/female ages 3–21 (Tobyhanna, Pa.: 3-65) 

Walk-in assessments are offered at all outpatient sites. Services include individual, group and family therapy; psychiatric evaluations, consultations; and medication monitoring for clients with DSM-IV diagnoses and medical necessity who may be having difficulty functioning in the community, home or school.

Bethlehem, Pa., Allentown, Pa., Tobyhanna, Pa.

PCIT – Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
Evidenced based, research driven type of outpatient therapy proven effective for families struggling to manage challenging child behavior. PCIT is a short term intervention that focus on child-directed interaction and parent-directed interaction including, following the child’s lead, using PRIDE skills, (Praise, Reflect, Imitate, Describe and Enjoy), developing good friendship skills, following directions and developing good behavior.

Male/female ages 2.5–7

To learn more, please contact:
KidsPeace, 801 E. Green St., Allentown, PA 18109