The award-winning Healing Magazine® is just off the presses and also available online at This issue explores many ways in which organizations and families triumph through their enrichment strategies and advocacy on behalf of children on the Autism Spectrum. Parents, clinicians, foundations, teachers and organization are singular in their desire to help individuals on the Spectrum live happy, fulfilling lives and communicate with the those they love. This special issue of Healing offers a variety of compelling articles by representatives of these groups who are all moved every day to work on behalf of those with Autism.

From the story of a model residential program in Maine to a summer camp in Pennsylvania, to mothers in several states and authors of great recognition, this issue is a guide to understanding the joys of communication, love and living with children, teens and adults on the Autism Spectrum. KidsPeace is very grateful to the authors of these articles and hopes that their stories will touch and educate many readers.

KidsPeace has been serving the needs of children since 1882, and is at the forefront of innovative programs for diagnosing and teaching children on the Spectrum. Because this issue is so special, we have both posted the articles online and provided a downloadable PDF of the magazine for readers to enjoy and share with others. For more information on KidsPeace and its many programs, please request more info, or contact a customer service liaison at 800-8KID-123 (800-854-3123) or If you know a teen who needs a safe place to discuss issues and seek advice online, direct him or her to www.TeenCentral.Net, a site that is operated by KidsPeace and monitored by Master's level clinicians.