KidsPeace Autism Services

Please note that KidsPeace has a residential Autism Spectrum Disorder Program at our Graham Lake Campus in Ellsworth, Maine. 

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS) – PA 

Male/female birth–21 

BHRS provides clinical, child-centered, family focused care to clients with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis to assist in new skill development and coping mechanisms for clients and their family members. Services are provided on a one-to-one basis by culturally competent staff in the client’s home, school, daycare center or community. 

Allentown, PA 


Autism After School Therapeutic Program – PA 

Male/female ages 6–16 

A site-based opportunity for children with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and some verbal skills to develop and practice social skills with peers using individualized curricula founded on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to target relevant skills to assist clients in reaching their full potential. The program runs four days per week after school during the school year in a classroom setting that includes small groups of like-aged clients. 

Broadway Campus, Bethlehem, PA 

Sarah’s Smile Summer Autism Program - PA 

Male/female ages 6–16 

A site-based summer program for autistic children that provides opportunities to develop and practice a wide variety of social skills with peers and to go on community outings with staff. Applied Behavior Analysis is utilized in the curriculum that targets relevant social and communication skills in an interactive group setting. Communication with families is maximized by daily activity reports. 

Broadway Campus, Bethlehem, PA