Acute/Sub-Acute Partial Hospitalization 

Intensive Outpatient - PA

Male/female ages 5–18

Intensive mental health services to clients experiencing difficulty functioning in the community environment, providing intensive individual, family and group therapy on an ambulatory basis within the social support system. Therapy focuses on symptom reduction and eliminating the need for more restrictive treatment and offers ongoing support following discharge from inpatient, partial hospitalization or residential care, empowering clients to achieve and maintain the skills to function positively in their communities.

Bethlehem, PA 


Acute Partial Hospitalization - PA

Male/female ages 6 18 

An alternative to youth at risk for inpatient psychiatric hospitalization due to difficulty functioning in school, at home and in the community or a step-down service after inpatient care. The program provides intensive interdisciplinary mental health services on an outpatient basis and is divided into groups of 6–12 year olds and 13–18 year olds. Services include psychiatric evaluations, substance abuse screening, tutoring, medication monitoring, behavior modification, case management and individual, group and family therapy. 


Bethlehem, PA;  Temple, PA (Berks Campus)


Sub-Acute Partial Hospitalization – PA 

Male/female ages 6–18 

Intensive individual, group and family therapy treatment in a year-round school setting for youth exhibiting severe behavioral problems and at risk for inpatient placement or who are stepping down from inpatient treatment or residential care. Clients may exhibit severe behavioral problems and have ADHD, or oppositional defiant, conduct, or mood disorders and may have deficits in self-image and social and interpersonal skills. 

KidsPeace Berks Campus, Temple, PA