I can’t say enough about KP.  We are happy with the therapy we are getting.  Milestones are also good. 


Clinician was a “gift from God” for us. Her help was so much on target! He is doing very well. Terrific program.


Dr. Dumont was the only Dr. to ever diagnose my child correctly with Asperger's. Client is really doing well in school, at home, etc.  Mom has finally seen a huge improvement and it helps to understand that he does have Asperger's.  


I liked the constant contact, updates with the KP nurse and KP social worker, very good, timely communication.  Also thought the hospital was very clean, building very nice…organized.


KP was very helpful, the KPH program worked very well for my child.  He is doing great. 


KP hospital was excellent all around, my son got the help he needed here and also continues to receive KP services.


I felt a real part of the whole process and treatment for my son.  I am very happy with whole KPH experience.  


KP was perfect, good service, and it is good to know KidsPeace is available if my son ever needs to come back here.  


KP is mom’s first choice if client has any issues in the future. 


I would recommend KP to anyone.


I work at a psychiatric hospital—KidsPeace is beautiful.


Beautiful facility-I think this helped my son’s outlook.  Peaceful surrounding. We appreciated the help.  My son is going to school in the fall.  Each day he gets better.  Staff was terrific.


Thank you!  We have a better boy now.


KidsPeace is a great place for my son.  Everyone has been so great.  


KP was terrific! My daughter is finally making better choices for herself.


KP was a safe, secure place for my son.  


The staff worked well and kept her in a structured supportive environment.  The staff kept me informed and I loved the results at discharge.  KP is a great place.


I am so glad KP is available; other children’s hospitals cannot compare.


Wonderful! A blessing to be at the hospital. KP is all the great things I could have hoped for my son. He is doing great at school for the first time in years.


I am very happy that KP is available to families that need help!


Everything was beautiful.  The care from staff was excellent.  I can’t say enough about KP.  


Best place for her to come for help. KP is one of a kind. 


Best facility, by far!


God bless KP! Whatever you did worked.  You gave us our daughter back.