KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital

KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital has extensive experience working with public and private human service professionals whose responsibilities include treating and educating children, teens and young adults. For over a decade, KidsPeace has been working with private and public insurance and managed care programs to treat a wide range of issues affecting clients.

Please note, KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital has the ability to be flexible. Although the beds shown may not appear to fit your bed search, depending upon the age, gender, symptoms and behaviors, we may be able to accept him/her and accommodate the client on more than one module. Always call to verify bed availability, 800-446-9543 x 8990.

KidsPeace addresses a wide range of issues requiring specialized care including but not limited to:

Adjudication cases
Adjustment disorder
Angry acting out
Bipolar disorder
Borderline personality disorder
Conduct disorder
Difficulties in interaction/bonding
Dissociative identity disorder
Dually diagnosed teens (psychiatric/substance abuse)
Dysfunctional behavior patterns
Impulse-control disorder
Intermittent explosive disorder
Learning disabilities
Multiple psychiatric disorders
Oppositional behavior
Posttraumatic stress disorder
School phobia
School refusal
Severe attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Sexual abuse victims/perpetrators
Social/emotional maladjustment
Suicidal gesturing
Suicidal ideation
Most DSM-IV diagnoses