Healing Magazine | Spring/Summer 2009

Inside this issue:

Insights and Advice for Turbulent Times

Will Isemann

Therapist's Corner®

Adolescent Suicide: New Statistics/New Insights into the Unthinkable
Krista Mancarella, MA

Suicide Warning Signs

Special Focus: Kids and Grief

Grief's Student/Sometimes, Clients Teach the Counselors
Wendy Young, LMSW, BCD

Children and the Experience of Loss: How to Help Children Grieve
Jenna L. Jebitsch, MS, LPC, NCC

Children Living with Fear/Recognizing and Healing the Trauma
Linda Goldman.

Sanctuary/Treatment for Traumatized Kids
Pat Sullivan

Trauma & the Brain/Physiological and Chemical Changes
Jodi S. W. Campbell, MS



Ready or Not, Here I Come: Gauging Your Teen's College Readiness
Ellen Notbohm

Helping Educators Identify Potential Rampage School Shooters
Pat Sullivan

7 Standards of Effective Parenting

Favorite Tips from the KidsPeace Institute


Healing High Fives




Healing 2009 SS cover

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