The next issue of KidsPeace's award-winning publication, Healing Magazine, is dedicating its upcoming issue to the subject of Autism. "With the number of diagnoses increasing dramatically, the need for accurate information and sound options for parents and professionals who serve children is critical," according to KidsPeace President and CEO Will Isemann. "We have received contributions from experts in the field of autism who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with our readers."

Among the articles appearing in this issue are two by Ellen Notbohm, a parent of an autistic son who has shared her point of view in several popular books on Austism that are directed to parents and educators. William Stillman, a well recognized author and advocate for the Autistic, provides readers with insights into the Autisms we all share. There are articles by staff members of Autism Speaks and and the Dan Marino Autism Institute, as well as a discussion of an innovative residential program for Autistic children in Maine. One mental health professional discusses her passion for working with Autistic children, and another describes the wonderful land he develops for children who have Aperger's and attend a summer camp that offers fun and social skills practice to children who are on the Autism Spectrum.

Healing Magazine is a free publication that is offered twice a year to inform, educate and bring understanding to mental health professionals, educators and parents on topics of vital interest to the readers. This issue will be distributed in November. If you would like to join the Healing Magazine mailing list, please click here.