“I’m home.”

Saying this would be as good for a foster child as hearing it would be for you.

You have thought about becoming a foster parent. You may have even filled out an application, but you want to know specifics about a child who will fit into your household, your family. Therefore, to inform and motivate you, KidsPeace Foster Care and Family Services (FCCP) is listing profiles of adolescents and teens who will soon be available for placement in qualified foster homes. You know the need is great, particularly for older children; now read about individual youth with specific issues who would benefit so much from loving care from you and your family. They may be completing residential treatment or already in the foster care system, but they all need a safe, stable home where they can grow and thrive.

Read through the profiles for children in your state and contact the local KidsPeace FCCP office to find out how you can become a foster parent for a deserving child.

District of Columbia/Maryland


Some representative chidren's stories