For over a year, there have been detours that made it challenging to drive to the KidsPeace Orchard Hills Campus in Orefield, PA. KidsPeace is happy to announce that the construction on Route 309 and Old Packhouse Road has been completed, and access to the campus is now direct and smooth. There is now a traffic light at the intersection of Old Packhouse Road and Route 309, and Old Packhouse Road is wider, smoother and less curvy. With the detour removed, visitors to KidsPeace have a shorter drive with much less traffic.

This is just one more reason for customers who have been planning to visit KidsPeace to schedule their visits now. Our Client Services Liaisons will be happy to take you on a tour of our facilities and give you the opportunity to speak with our clinical and educational staff members as you travel from unit to unit. The new road will also make it easier for parents to visit their children at KidsPeace and make driving in bad weather safer overall. Please schedule a visit by calling 800-8KID-123 and asking for a Client Services Liaison.