The Allentown Racquetball Club hosted the 2009 USRA Regional Qualifier & Dennis Rosenberg Pro-Am Tournament from April 24 through April 26, 2009. There were 146 participants, and the tournament was a big success. Throughout the tournament, there was a silent auction to raise money for charity. John Brinson, owner of 24-7 Fitness Clubs, the parent company of the Allentown Racquetball Club, selected the KidsPeace Children's Fund as the recipient of the proceeds of the event. A check for $682 was presented to Colleen Kulp by the event coordinator, John Barrett. This was a wonderful surprise that will benefit KidsPeace children in residential programs. KidsPeace extends a big thank you to the folks at 24-7 Fitness Clubs and hopes that KidsPeace can become more involved in the event next year.

If your organization would like to brighten the lives of deserving children and donate to the KidsPeace Children's Fund, please call 610-799-7906 or email