Healing Magazine | Spring/Summer 2011

Therapists Corner

KidsPeace and the Sanctuary Model: Helping Families find Peace by Leslie Tenbroeck

The Geat Disclosure Debate by Tracy E. Hill, Ph.D.

Changing the Way we View Conduct Disorder by Brandon Yarber

Special Focus: Family Centered Treatment

Family Centered Therapy by Jason Savenelli and Nan Sell-Perry

 Setting the course for Family Centered Treatment by F. Dave Williams

 Effectiveness of Family Centered Therapy for Residential Treatment Facility Clients by Jason Victory

Family Involvement: Family Centered Treatment at KidsPeace New England by Jean Dixon 

The Ambiguous Foster Child by Susan S. Cornbluth, Psy.D.

KidsPeace Offers Help in Reassuring Children after Natural Disasters and School Shootings


EQ: The Other Intelligence by Ellen Notbohm

Misconceptions about School-Related Homicides by Peter Langman, Ph.D.

Healing High Fives    



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