I’ve Got This Friend Who …

Advice for Teens and Their Friends on Alcohol, Drugs, Eating Disorders, Risky Behavior and More

The first of a series, I’ve Got This Friend Who… took 125 years to write and is the work of 500,000 people. The book is the result of more than a century of work by KidsPeace, our 3,000 doctors and childcare professionals, renowned authorities from Harvard Medical School and Brown University, popular TV actor Chris Beckman, who contributes a foreword reflecting his own experiences, and – most importantly – half a million of the best experts on the biggest problems kids face growing up today: America’s teens themselves.

Together, we have created a unique “how-to” manual to help teens and their friends avoid the dangers of alcohol, smoking, drugs, eating disorders, self-injury, and risky behaviors associated with the perilous adolescent years. Written in the voice of six young characters with whom today’s teens can easily identify, I’ve Got This Friend Who… was designed to help young people at exactly the point in their lives when they are least likely to turn to adults for help.

Based on 500,000 Teens’ Experiences as told to TeenCentral.Net
The topics, information, and coping strategies are based on both institutional expert knowledge and the first-hand accounts of half a million actual teens, acquired not only throughout KidsPeace’s everyday hands-on experience with thousands of kids, but more importantly, via our innovative, problem-solving online resource, designed to help young people work out stresses and problems before they become overwhelming.

This resource – TeenCentral.Net – was created in 1998 by KidsPeace, Harvard’s famed child expert, Dr. Alvin Poussaint, and Brown University Child Study Center founder, Dr. Lewis P. Lipsitt. Guiding kids through a process of problem identification, information sharing, and crisis resolution techniques, the site is an ever-expanding database of real stories, revealing what’s really happening with our kids, what they’re feeling, what the critical trends and hot-button issues are, and what they’re doing about them. The book’s chapter topics are based on an in-depth analysis of the most pressing topics from that database of 500,000 stories. Accompanied by sensible, easy-to-use information from childcare specialists, this is essentially a book for America’s teens by America’s teens, with help from top experts.

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