KidsPeace, The First 125 Years

Giving Hope, Help and Healing to Kids in Crisis

Quasquicentennial. It’s a long word and even a longer time. A hundred and twenty-five years, according to my favorite family dictionary. Believe it or not, that’s how long KidsPeace has been bringing hope, help and healing to children facing crisis. Our past presidents, executives, donors, caring staff, Board, and volunteers are the “we” that has made this all possible throughout the years.

Looking back at the history of KidsPeace is synonymous with looking at the history of caring for children. To honor a long American tradition of charity, we have published a very special historical retrospective that examines the greatest moments in our collective past and highlights the progress we’ve made toward how we look at and treat our children.

For more information about this very special book, please contact 1-800-25-PEACE ext 7910  (1-800-257-3223 x7910).