Points of Peace

Every child has four fundamental needs that must be fulfilled to lead a peaceful, healthy life. We call these “Points of Peace.” Every child must give and receive:

  • Safety: the quality, state, or condition of being safe; feeling secure or protected.
  • Trust: complete assurance regarding the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something; it involves confidence, faith, hope, reliance, and assurance.
  • Love: compassion, non-judgmental and unconditional acceptance; a relationship with someone or something that a person is genuinely fond of; it includes the sense of belonging, affection, attachment, appreciation, and value.
  • Power: the strength or ability to exert effort for a purpose, to perform in a given way, or a capacity for a particular kind of performance; it involves faculty, function, ability, capability, capacity, skill, or talent.

The following links provide guidance and ideas to help you help kids fulfill these fundamental needs:


Childhood Obesity


Natural Disasters and School Shootings




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